Customize the Homepage

Now that we have the homepage set up and the page template installed, we’re going to walk through each section and set it up to work for your website. 

If you’ve done the steps in order up to now, this should go smoothly. If you haven’t, you’ll need to install the plugins, set up the page, and install the template before working through this lesson.

The Header:

  • Starting from the top of the page and working your way down, you can click any text and change it under the content tab.
  • It’s best to change it in the Edit box on the left to make sure the font keeps the correct coding for each section.
  • Click the button to change the wording on the button in the edit box.
  • The button is set up to jump down to the services section and shouldn’t need any editing.

To Change a Background Photo:

  • To change a background photo (you’ll know it’s a background photo when you can’t click on it) like the header banner or lead magnet photo, follow the directions here.

The About Section:

  • Replace the photo with a 2000 x 2000 px jpeg photo by clicking on the photo, then replacing the image in the edit sidebar. I like to use Canva for sizing photos.
  • Choose a photo from your computer by using the ‘Upload Files’ choice on the top left.
  • Replace the copy with your own wording, remembering that the goal of the site is to serve your clients. Make sure your about section remains focused on them and not a bunch of personal things clients don’t need to know.

The 'Problem & Solution' Sections:

  • Use these sections and the guided text I have entered to address where your clients may be in their business and how you can help them.
  • Just as above, you can replace the background photo with one fo your own (watch those settings) and replace the text in the left edit side bar.
  • Use these sections and the guided text I have entered to address where your clients may be in their business and how you can help them. 
  • To change out the icons, click on one and use the edit box to change them. There so many choices, but don’t get hung up on which works best. The icons aren’t the focus of the area.

The Are You Ready Banner:

  • The “Are you ready” banner shouldn’t have to be edited unless you want to change the wording.
  • The button jumps to the contact area.

What to Expect Section:

  • To change the wording in the boxes, click on the area you need to edit and edit the section in the left side bar.
  • Add list items, change icons, or delete extra list items by clicking on the list area and using the corresponding section the side bar to update them. 
  • Click the style tab if you want to change the colors. 
  • The background color can be changed under the advanced tab.
  • Keep this section simple, make sure not to overwhelm your clients with steps.

Work Together Section:

  • In this section you can change out the photos, service titles, and descriptions.
  • Link each button to services page by inserting the page link in the edit side bar.
  • If you have more than 3 services, you can summarize these into categories.
  • If you prefer to display more services, duplicate the section by right-clicking the six dots on the top of the section and choosing duplicate. 

Client Review Section:

  • Edit this section by replacing the photo, name, & business name or website url.

Not Sure Section:

  • Edit the heading, title, & copy to fit your needs.
  • In the link area insert the link to your scheduler.
  • If you prefer, you can change the text area and link to the contact page instead.

Contact Section:

If you’re setting up this section for the first time, follow the directions here. 

If you set the contact section up on the homepage, the easiest thing to do is to duplicate the section with the copy/paste function. Those instructions are here.