Editing the Lead Magnet Section

The Lead Magnet section is strategically placed on a few pages in your new theme. The point of your site is to turn potential clients into paying clients, so make sure you don’t overdo it by putting this section on every page.

If you’d like to add your own email capture form I’ve included those instructions as well.

Before Customizing the Lead Magnet Section:

If you haven’t already customized the WPForms plugin, you’ll want to do that first. Even if the form looks done, you’ll need to update the contact form to make sure submissions are delivered to the correct inbox. 

The instructions on how to customize your lead magnet form in WPForms are here

Replacing the Photo & Headings:

  • Hover over the top left corner of the photo column, and click the icon.
  • Change out the background photo with a 2000 x 2000 px square picture. You can use a photo of your lead magnet offer (on a transparent background) or a stock photo.
  • Edit the header & title by clicking on the text and editing them in the content tab of the editing sidebar.

Adding the Newsletter Form:

  • Click the Elementor menu (9 dots in the magneta menu bar), and use the search bar to find the WPForms widget.
  • There are a few versions of the WPForms widget. Choose the one with EA in the corner that looks like the one in the photo below.
  • Drag the widget to the area indicated in the photo below.

Editing the Newsletter Form:

  • Choose ‘Newsletter Signup Form’ from the Form drop-down menu.
  • Hide the ‘Title’, ‘Description’, ‘Placeholder’ toggles by sliding them to the left.
  • On the new form hover at the top right and click on the pencil that appears.
  • Click the ‘Style’ tab in the Edit WPForms box.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Labels’ tab.
  • Change the ‘Text Color’ to #ac6c53.
  • Click on ‘Typography’ and change the weight to 500.
  • On the new form hover at the top right and click on the pencil that appears.
  • Click the ‘Style’ tab in rhw Edit WPForms box.
  • Choose ‘Full Width’ from the ‘Width’ area.
  • Change the ‘Background Color’ to #ac6c53.

Adding Your Own Newsletter Form:

If you’d like to add your own provider’s email capture for you’ll want to create an inline form to use in this space. Below I’ve included some general directions that work with most email providers.

  • Create an inline for with name and email address options. To make the form match use the colors that match your theme as follows:
    Text: #ac6c53
    Borders: #d8a790
    Placeholder Text: #d8a790
    Button: #ac6c53

  • Add the subscribers to the segment that matches the form or lead magnet.
  • Save the form and copy the code or share code.
  • Click the Elementor menu (9 dots in the magenta sidebar header) and search “html”.
  • Drag the widget to the form area.
  • Add the copied code to the box in the sidebar next to the 1.
  • Save your page by clicking ‘Update’ or ‘Publish’.