Customize the Portfolio Page

The Porfolio page shows potential clients some examples of your previous work. This lesson will show you how to customize the sections and duplicate them to add more or remove some if you need less.

Editing the Portfolio Page:

  • Edit the project and business name by clicking on the box and changing the text in the edit box in the left side bar.
  • This section uses 2000×2000 px square photos. Use a screenshot of the website, a photo of the item, or any photo that you think would represent your work well.
  • If you use a different dimension photo, make sure all of the photos are the same size to make the page look professional.
  • In the next section, click the words to edit them to your services or offers.
  • Click the icon to open the edit side bar and click the icon to choose a new icon that matches the wording below.
  • Link the icon to the services page or to the contact page, whichever you prefer.

The Contact Section:

If you’re setting up this section for the first time, follow the directions here. 

If you set the contact section up already, the easiest thing to do is to duplicate the section with the copy/paste function from the homepage.  Instructions on how to do that are here.