Customize the About Page

The About page is where you talk to your potential client and tell them what you’re best at. After reading this page, your client should know what you can do for them and trust that you are the best choice to serve them. 

This isn’t an area for photos of your kids, pets, and your personal business. Keep the photo professional without distractions. 

Editing the About Page:

  • Edit the header and title areas by clicking on the box and changing the text. This is also a great spot for your title, “About Me”, or even a few adjectives that describe you or your work.
  • Follow the guided text in the next section to tell a bit about what you do & how you can help them grow their business.
  • This section is where you talk a bit about why you do what you do. Keep paragraphs short and simple, 2-3 sentences with 1-3 paragraphs at most. Edit the title and paragraphs by clicking on the wording and using the edit box on the left.
  • The photos can be switched out by clicking the photo and choosing an image from your media files or uploading a photo from your computer. 
  • Use a 2000×2000 px square photo to fit the section perfectly.
  • The social media banner is edited in the same way as the contact area.
  • Click the social media buttons to open the editing sidebar.
  • Click ‘Facebook’ to get started. Add your Facebook page URL in the link section.
  • Repeat for each social icon.
  • To customize the icons you can do these things:
    1. Delete the icon by clicking the X in the top right corner of the tab.
    2. Switch the social media account by choosing a new icon.
    3. Duplicate the tab and change the details to add another account.
    4. Click the ‘Add Item’ choice to add another account.
    5. Drag and drop the choices to reorder them.
  • You can also edit the header and title by clicking on them.
  • This section is where you answer your potential client’s questions and let them know why you’re the best choice to help.
  • Again, make edits in the left edit box to avoid changing the font choices.

The Contact Section:

If you’re setting up this section for the first time, follow the directions here. 

If you set the contact section up already, the easiest thing to do is to duplicate the section from the homepage with the copy/paste function. Instructions on how to do that are here.